Oaxaca Blankets - what makes them special

The Yonder Horse Oaxaca saddle blanket collection is hand-loomed in Teotitlan Del Valle, a weaving village in Mexico rich in history and renowned for using all natural dyes and 100% wool yarn. We are honored to collaborate with a remarkable women’s cooperative who are carrying on the traditions of the old world while making an important economic contribution to their community. These extraordinary artisans blend each color by hand using only treasures found in nature;  leaves, nuts, bark, ashes, indigo, fruits and even bugs. Yes! The cochineal insect which lives on cactus leaves creates all shades of blush and berry! Check out the natural ingredients used to create the vibrant colors in each Oaxaca saddle blanket design listed under each product photo. The historic Oaxaca valley also happens to be the region where some of the very first horses were introduced to North America by the Spanish as early as 1519. The patterns in your blanket, however, have their origins in ancient Zapotec designs dating back centuries before the Iberian horse first set foot in the Americas. What else makes them special? The finer weave is lighter weight than most blankets you will find in the market and the slimmer profile eliminates any unnecessary bulk between you and your horse.