El Rayo Sunrise

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yonder_horse_g3-34 inch X 32-el_rayo-sunrise-s.jpg

El Rayo Sunrise

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Named for the rays running north to south along both ends of this saddle blanket, El Rayo is one of our earliest and all time favorite designs. Inspired by colors of the sunrise this blanket features the hues of early morning.

100% Handwoven New Zealand Wool

Size: 33” X 34” or 33” x 37”

Weight: Approx 5 pounds

Measure your saddle pad and saddle before you buy!

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Care Instructions: Clean your blanket with a soft brush to remove dirt and hair. Never machine wash nor machine dry as the spinning motion may loosen fibers and wool shrinks if wet and then machine dried. You may spot clean your blanket by using cold water and blotting with a paper towel (never rubbing). Do not use detergent. If heavily soiled we recommend professional dry cleaning. Tell the cleaner your blanket is 100% handwoven wool. Store your blanket in the dust cover it came with and away from direct sunlight.