Before you buy . . .


Measure twice

Measure the pad and saddle you will use with your YH saddle blanket before you buy! YH saddle blankets are  designed to use over another pad to protect them from direct contact with sweat and dirt. (See our Care instructions below.)  The size that is right for you and your horse or pony depends on the size of your pad and how much of the blanket design you want showing under your saddle skirt. In order to cover your saddle pad we recommend purchasing a blanket that is at least 1/2” larger than your pad. Our saddle blankets range in size from approximately 32” X 34” to 33” X 37”. The shorter dimension listed first is measured horizontally, wither to croup. The longer dimension listed second is measured vertically over the back, shoulder to shoulder. The dimensions for each blanket are noted in each product description. If the design you like is not available in the size you want please let us know and we will do our best to include in our next order.              


Lead time & Availability

Yonder Horse saddle blankets are all hand loomed and made one piece at a time. The hand crafted nature of our products means that order lead times are typically longer than products that are mass produced and quantities may be limited. Each saddle blanket can take several days to weave and that is after the wool has been sheared, cleaned, carded, spun, hand dyed, and dried! If the design or size you want is sold out or not available please email us. We will let you know when we expect an item to be back in stock. In the meantime sign up to receive notifications from Yonder Horse of new introductions, sales or upcoming events.

Hand dyed wool yarn in natural dyes

Hand dyed wool yarn in natural dyes


All of the wool yarn used in Yonder Horse saddle blankets is dyed by hand to match our color specifications. Slight variations may occur from batch to batch, order to order. We do our best to photograph each design to depict colors as accurately as possible but of course computer monitors differ too so what you see online may be a bit different from the actual product. If you have a question about color on any of our saddle blankets please email us. If there are colors that you would like to see that we are not offering currently please let us know. We want to hear from you!


Care Instructions

Clean your YH saddle blanket with a soft brush to remove dirt and hair.  If heavily soiled we recommend professional dry cleaning. Tell the cleaner your blanket is 100% handwoven wool. If you purchased a saddle blanket from our Oaxaca Collection let the cleaner know it is made with all natural dyes. Never  machine wash or dry your saddle blankets. (We’ve tested that!) The spinning motion loosens fibers and wool shrinks when machine dried.  Spot cleaning your blanket will clean up many spots. Use cold water and blot with a paper towel. Do not rub. If needed mix a small amount of mild neutral dish soap such as Dawn® into cold water. Do not use laundry detergent. Store your blanket away from direct sunlight. Enjoy for many years to come!