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Liv Remes Hustvedt & Bailey

designer, Jamie Kalvestran

Yonder Horse is privileged to have accomplished artist, product and textile designer, Jamie Kalvestran on our team. A published illustrator and long time friend of the horse, Jamie brings her inspiring artwork to life in our Yonder Horse saddle blankets. A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Jamie is known for her skillful use of color and pattern, authentic design and integrity of materials. Her expansive portfolio includes 3 design patents and original products spanning many industries, equestrian accessories; textiles, quilting, home fashions, toys, sporting goods, children’s products to name a few. Jamie lives and works at her scenic lakeside Engelwood Studios in Tomahawk, Wisconsin where she creates extraordinary works of art. Check out her fine art and prints for sale at


About Yonder Horse

Yonder Horse was inspired by a lifelong love for fine horsemanship, an appreciation for good design and  respect for quality craftsmanship. Decades of designing and developing decorative products for US retailers brings Liv into workshops and factories around the globe.  There amidst mass production lines she has found kinship with skilled artisans who use age old techniques to achieve a desired finish or look that will yield a better quality product. Alas, the extra time and attention handcrafted items demand is not always the best fit for the fast fashion, price conscious consumer of today. Yonder Horse set out to create items for the horsemanship enthusiast who, like us appreciates good gear and classic designs. Our products are built by hand one at a time using techniques that have prevailed over centuries. Yonder Horse saddle blankets intersects the horsemanship lifestyle we love with the authentic materials and skilled craftsmanship we value. A simple ambition that we hope will help your ride look and feel a little more special too.    

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